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Can I record 4K 60fps gameplay without lag or stuttering using GeForce Now and what are the recommended settings for optimal performance?

GeForce NOW allows 4k 60fps gameplay recording through its built-in tools like Nvidia Shadowplay or third-party software, such as OBS.

To enable recording, users can activate Highlights in the GeForce NOW app, and select specific game moments for capture.

Supported games display a prompt upon launch, allowing users to enable Highlights and choose desired capture options.

Nvidia Shadowplay employs hardware acceleration for efficient gameplay recording, up to 8K HDR at 30fps, or 4K HDR at 60fps.

Users may need to adjust in-app resolution to 1440p for certain games to access recording options.

AI-based upscaling tools, such as avideoupscalecom, can enhance 1440p gameplay recordings to 4k resolution after the fact.

GeForce NOW recording tools are under active development, aiming to address user feedback and enhance the overall streaming and recording experience.

Some users report limitations in achieving full 4k resolution when recording gameplay via GeForce NOW.

GeForce NOW Ultimate members have access to NVIDIA Highlights, Record, and Instant Replay features using the in-stream overlay (Ctrl+G on PC or Cmd+G on Mac).

Highlights, Freestyle, and Montage in GeForce NOW allow users to toggle moments and customize options within the ingame overlay (Ctrl+G on PC or Cmd+G on Mac).

GeForce NOW supports 4k 60fps streaming on PCs and Macs, excluding Android devices with a 120Hz refresh rate.

GeForce NOW subscribers can access 4K resolution and 60FPS streaming when playing supported games using RTX 3080.

To set up 4K streaming with GeForce NOW on a Smart TV, users can install the GeForce NOW app on the Home screen, adjust streaming quality settings in the app's menu, and ensure compatibility with their TV's resolution.

GeForce NOW's recording and streaming capabilities utilize advanced compression techniques to deliver high-quality visuals while minimizing bandwidth requirements.

GeForce NOW utilizes NVIDIA's proprietary Adaptive V-Sync technology, synchronizing frames to the display's refresh rate to minimize input lag and eliminate screen tearing.

The GeForce NOW platform takes advantage of NVIDIA's GPU-accelerated decoding, ensuring smooth playback and low latency during both streaming and recording 4k 60fps gameplay.

Upscale any video of any resolution to 4K with AI. (Get started for free)