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How can I optimize 8bit x264 encoding to achieve the highest possible quality in 1080p videos?

The CRF (Constant Rate Factor) is a key factor in x264 encoding.

Lower CRF values result in higher quality but larger file size.

The x265 codec can provide higher quality than x264 with a slightly higher CRF value due to its superior compression efficiency.

The 'ultrafast' preset in x264 prioritizes speed over quality, while the 'veryslow' preset prioritizes quality over speed.

The 'superbit' version of a video is encoded at a very high bitrate, making it almost lossless and practically indistinguishable from the original.

Lossless H264 output files can be huge, and not all players can decode lossless files.

The 'subme' option in x264 adjusts the subpixel estimation complexity, with higher values resulting in better quality but slower encoding.

The recommended CRF value for x264 is generally between 18-23, while for x265 it is between 21-28.

Adaptive Quantization Mode (AQ) in x264 helps allocate bits more efficiently to different areas of the video, improving quality.

The 'slicedthreads' option in x264 allows for lower encoding latency, but at the cost of compression efficiency and quality.

For 1080p video, a bitrate of at least 5000 kbps is recommended for 30fps and 7500-10000 kbps for 60fps.

The 'level' option in x264 adjusts the maximum resolution and frame rate supported, with level 3.1 being suitable for 1080p video.

The 'profile' option in x264 adjusts the encoding features used, with the 'main' profile being suitable for most applications.

Upscale any video of any resolution to 4K with AI. (Get started for free)