Upscale any video of any resolution to 4K with AI. (Get started for free)

"How can I use the Samsung Galaxy EnhanceX app to upscale images?"

The Galaxy EnhanceX app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance and improve images, making it a powerful tool for photographers and casual users alike.

The app is compatible with Galaxy smartphones running Android 10 (and above), including flagship Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Z series phones, as well as mid-range Galaxy A, M, and F-series phones running One UI 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, and 4.5.

The Galaxy EnhanceX app is available as a free download from the Galaxy Store and is feature-rich, packing powerful editing options like Spot Color, Object Eraser, and Shadow Remover.

The app can upscale images, brighten dark images, fix blurry photos, and remove moiré patterns from images, making it a versatile tool for image enhancement.

The Galaxy EnhanceX app uses AI-based techniques to analyze and optimize images, utilizing machine learning algorithms to improve image quality.

The app's powerful AI tools allow users to choose precise changes they make, resulting in ideal images made possible through new levels of customizability.

Image editing with Galaxy EnhanceX is a one-tap process, with the "Magic" button allowing users to fix and enhance their photos with a single click.

The app saves both the original and enhanced photo in the gallery in JPEG format, making it easy to compare and save edited images.

Galaxy EnhanceX is capable of removing moiré patterns from digital screens, which can cause visual distortion and discomfort.

The app's AI-based image enhancement technology uses deep learning algorithms to identify and correct common image defects, such as blur, noise, and artifacts.

The Galaxy EnhanceX app is designed to work seamlessly with Samsung's native camera app, allowing users to enhance and edit photos taken with their Galaxy device.

The app's AI-powered editing capabilities can improve the quality of pre-existing images, making it a valuable tool for photographers and graphic designers.

The Galaxy EnhanceX app is constantly updated to improve its performance and features, incorporating user feedback and community input.

Samsung's Galaxy EnhanceX app is available on select Samsung premium devices, offering users an unparalleled image enhancement experience.

Upscale any video of any resolution to 4K with AI. (Get started for free)