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**How do I install apps on my JVC smart TV? Is there a specific app store or do I need a different method?**

JVC Smart TVs operate on the Linux-based platform, not Android OS.

JVC has its own proprietary app store, called the “JVC App Store,” where you can download and install apps.

Not all apps found in the JVC App Store are available in every region, as availability depends on licensing agreements.

JVC Smart TVs have built-in popular apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video.

The built-in apps cannot be updated separately as JVC does not release separate app updates.

To add new apps to a JVC Smart TV, connect it to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable, which allows the TV to access the JVC App Store.

JVC Smart TVs do not have Google Play Store access, so you cannot install apps from there directly.

You can sideload apps onto JVC Smart TV by transferring the apk files using a USB flash drive, but it is not recommended and may cause issues.

JVC Smart TVs have a limited amount of storage space for apps, depending on the model and year.

Apps on JVC Smart TVs will automatically update during system updates.

The newer models of JVC Smart TVs support Miracast and AirPlay, allowing you to cast content from your mobile device wirelessly.

When browsing the JVC App Store, the available apps are listed under categories like Video, Music, and Lifestyle, making it easier to find desired apps.

Ensuring your JVC Smart TV has the latest firmware update is essential for optimal performance and security.

You can manage apps on your JVC Smart TV through the settings menu where you can arrange apps in the order of your preference or remove unused apps.

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