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How do I keep subtitles embedded in Topaz Video AI files for easy playback across devices?

Topaz Video AI supports subtitles when exporting as MKV files, but users may encounter issues and are advised to open a ticket with the support team or post in the Issues page for feedback from other users.

MediaInfo can be used to check video specs and see in which stage the subtitle got lost during the processing workflow.

MKVToolNix can be used to replace the video track with the video track produced by Topaz, thus retaining all original subs and other tracks in the original file.

Subtitles can be lost during processing if they are not embedded correctly in the original file.

Topaz Video AI filters can be used to adjust the frame rate, deinterlace, and create slow-motion output, but may affect subtitle quality.

Enabling subtitles in Topaz Video AI can lead to distortion of the subtitles if they are not properly embedded.

The app's development team is working on improving subtitle support, and users can submit feedback and issues through the Issues page.

Using MKVToolNix or similar tools can help retain subtitles by importing audio tracks and other metadata from the original file.

Topaz Video AI's processing preferences can be adjusted to control which hardware is used for previewing and exporting, which can affect subtitle retention.

The number of parallel tasks handled by Topaz Video AI can affect subtitle retention, and the recommended number of tasks is determined by computer hardware.

Exporting as MKV files can help retain subtitles, but users must ensure the correct settings are used to avoid issues.

Subtitles can be checked before importing to Topaz, after processing, and after Handbrake to identify the stage where they get lost.

Subtitle format can affect retention, and users should check the format before importing to Topaz.

Some users recommend not placing subtitles on the original video to avoid distortion, and instead adding them to the finished exported video in an editor.

Topaz Video AI's AI models can be trained for specific tasks, including deinterlacing and adjusting frame rates, which can affect subtitle quality.

Upscale any video of any resolution to 4K with AI. (Get started for free)