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"Is it possible to download all models in Topaz Labs Video AI version 3.1?"

The new update includes pre-trained models called "VIA" that can be downloaded and used for specific tasks like object detection, scene segmentation, and facial recognition.

The pre-trained models available for download are not the actual AI models used by Topaz Labs, but rather models that can be fine-tuned for specific use cases.

The availability of these pre-trained models can greatly simplify the process of developing and training AI models for specific tasks.

In Topaz Video AI 3.1, users can download all models at once using scripts provided by the community, rather than waiting for each model to download individually.

The scripts to download all models require access to the terminal from inside the app, and will not work if opened from outside the app.

Topaz Video AI 3.1 includes a new Motion AI model that provides faster exports and faster playback.

The Chronos model in Topaz Video AI 3.1 uses TensorRT models on NVIDIA machines, allowing for faster processing.

The Noise model in Topaz Video AI 3.1 is designed for offline model downloads, reducing the need for online model fetching.

Previous model versions can be accessed and downloaded, although they are considered unsupported and will not receive quality improvements or compatibility fixes.

All enhancement models in Topaz Video AI 3.1 are designed to remove noise from video footage, with some models working better than others.

The Gaia CG model, which was previously available, stopped working properly and is no longer supported.

Topaz Video AI 3.1 offers significant performance improvements, including faster processing for all models, making it a more efficient tool for video editing and processing.

Upscale any video of any resolution to 4K with AI. (Get started for free)