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What are the benefits of using AV1 compression for 144p YouTube video playback and how does it impact video quality?

AV1 compression allows for clear 1440p 60fps livestreaming at just 6Mbps, which is a significant reduction in bandwidth usage compared to traditional codecs.

AV1 encoding offers higher compression ratios than H.264, making it ideal for efficient video transmission over the internet.

YouTube creators can utilize AV1 encoding for better video quality or reduced bandwidth usage, giving them more flexibility in their content creation.

AV1 encoding is not limited to YouTube creators; it also has significant advantages for those who work in live production.

The AV1 codec was designed to send video over the web and has achieved 462% and 503% higher data compression than H264 High profile and H264 Main profile, respectively.

AV1 encoding can maintain high video quality at lower bitrates, making it ideal for streaming and online video playback.

YouTube has started testing AV1 video encoding for 144p videos, which are claimed to be watchable and blurrier than 4K versions.

To utilize AV1 encoding on YouTube, creators need to manually select a resolution and choose "Turn on manual settings" under "Stream resolution".

Recommended bitrate setting ranges for AV1 encoding are based on video ingestion codec, video ingestion resolution, and frame rate.

The Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) developed AV1, a massive alliance consisting of 40 companies, including Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

AV1 encoding is supported on Firefox desktop browsers, allowing users to watch AV1-encoded videos on their desktop devices.

However, not all devices support AV1 hardware decoding, including Snapdragon processors, which can lead to reduced battery life when watching AV1-encoded videos.

YouTube's mobile app does not use AV1 encoding even for 144p videos, but some users with the March 2024 Google Play System update have reported that the app forces AV1 encoding for 1080p videos.

AV1 software decoding is coming to Android, promising an improved video experience for users.

The efficiency difference between AV1 and traditional codecs is stark, allowing for better compression ratios and higher video quality at lower bitrates.

Upscale any video of any resolution to 4K with AI. (Get started for free)