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What are the best upscaled versions of Van Halen's "Jump" music video available in 1080p?

The "Jump" music video was directed by Bobbin Casey, who also directed videos for other famous artists such as Michael Jackson and George Michael.

The keyboard used in the video and the song is actually a Roland JP-8, not a Prophet-5 as is commonly believed.

Eddie Van Halen played the bass in the video and in the recording, although he is most famous for his guitar playing.

The famous red jacket worn by David Lee Roth in the video was designed by California-based designer Billy Banadyga.

The video was shot in the famous recording studio, "5150," the same place where the "1984" album was recorded.

The video was the first by a rock band to use green screen technology extensively.

The video cost around $30,000 to produce, which was considered a high budget at the time.

The famous "smiley face" logo on David Lee Roth's microphone was designed by Ed Roth, who is unrelated to the band.

The famous "keytar" solo by Eddie Van Halen in the video was played using a Korg Polysix.

The dancing choreography in the video was influenced by the style of the popular TV show "Fame."

The video was released on MTV on December 11, 1983, and became one of the first videos to launch the new cable network.

The iconic opening shot of the "Jump" video was created by mounting a camera to a swing that was then pulled away from the set, giving the appearance of David Lee Roth floating in mid-air.

The "Jump" video was shot using a single-camera setup, which was unusual at the time.

The lighting for the video was designed by the famous lighting designer, Howard Ungerleider, who has worked with numerous other famous artists such as Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton.

The red and black color palette of the video was inspired by the cover art of the "1984" album.

The famous "Van Halen" logo at the end of the video was designed by Gerard Huerta, who has also designed logos for other famous bands such as Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones.

The video's set was built on a soundstage and included a large video wall, which was a technological innovation at the time.

The video's production crew included several famous names, such as Jim Van Over, who worked on the "Thriller" video, and Brian Lockwood, who worked on the "Billie Jean" video.

The video's director, Bobbin Casey, has stated that the concept for the video came from the band's desire to create a visual representation of the energy and excitement of their live shows.

The "Jump" video has been widely regarded as one of the most influential music videos of all time, and has inspired numerous other artists and directors in the years since its release.

Upscale any video of any resolution to 4K with AI. (Get started for free)