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What is a reputable and safe website that allows me to download movies and music for free, without requiring me to download additional software or fill out surveys, and without leading me to suspicious or spammy links? is a non-profit library that offers free movies, music, ebooks, and more.

It contains millions of digitized items and is continuously expanding.

Internet Archive's Movies and Videos section provides a wide variety of films, documentaries, concerts, and more.

Users can stream or download content for free.

Jamendo is a platform for free and legal music downloads, allowing artists to share their music under Creative Commons licenses.

Vimeo has a section dedicated to free and creative commons content, including short films, documentaries, and music videos.

Free Music Archive is a website dedicated to free and legal music downloads, featuring a wide variety of genres.

Musopen offers free public domain classical music recordings, sheet music, and educational resources for musicians and students.

Downloads from these listed websites do not require additional software installation, protecting users from potential security risks.

These websites offer direct download options, eliminating the need to visit third-party pages that may contain suspicious links.

Creative Commons licenses enable content creators to share their work legally and freely, promoting creativity and innovation. and Internet Archive's Movies and Videos utilize web archiving techniques to preserve digital content for future generations.

BitTorrent technology is a popular method for distributing large files, like movies, but it is often associated with copyright infringement.

The aforementioned websites are legal alternatives to torrent sites for downloading movies and music for free.

The number of legal free content providers is increasing as creative individuals and organizations seek new ways to share and promote their work.

Many content creators choose to release their work for free, as it helps increase their fanbase and exposure.

By supporting these platforms, users can benefit from an expanding library of free and legal movies and music.

Fair use and creative commons licenses allow for the limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the copyright owner. hosts the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, an invaluable tool for researchers and historians, which archives web pages for future reference.

Some free movie download sites may have geographical restrictions due to licensing agreements, limiting accessibility in certain regions.

Upscale any video of any resolution to 4K with AI. (Get started for free)