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"What is the process for uploading 8K 360-degree videos to YouTube?"

YouTube supports 8K video playback in Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, and Opera browsers, but it may not be immediately available in 8K resolution due to processing limitations.

Uploading 8K 360-degree videos to YouTube requires an equirectangular format, which is supported by YouTube.

YouTube recommends using H.264 codec for uploading 8K videos, but H.265 (HEVC) may be more efficient for file size.

Uploading 8K videos can take a significant amount of time due to processing requirements.

Not all browsers nor devices support 8K video playback, and compatibility issues may arise.

To confirm if a video has 360-degree playback enabled, look for the pan button in the top left and the ability to rotate using the WASD keys.

YouTube recommends uploading videos with the correct metadata to ensure proper processing and rendering.

FFMPEG can be used to render and export 8K 360-degree videos, providing a high-quality output.

The recommended upload encoding settings for YouTube videos include a container type (MP4), audio codec (AAC-LC), and channels (Stereo or 5.1).

YouTube Partner Managers can provide access to specific upload encoding settings and recommendations for content creators.

Uploading 8K videos can take hours or even days to complete, making it essential to plan and schedule uploads accordingly.

Not all cameras and devices are compatible with 8K resolution, and compatibility testing is crucial before uploading.

Upscale any video of any resolution to 4K with AI. (Get started for free)