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"Who are some actors and actresses that have admitted to having sex on movie sets?"

**Simulated sex scenes**: Most sex scenes in movies and TV shows are simulated, with actors using body doubles, prosthetics, and clever camera angles to create the illusion of intimacy.

**Unsimulated sex in "Shame"**: Actors Michael Fassbender and Molly Parker engaged in unsimulated sex in the 2011 film "Shame", under the direction of Steve McQueen, who wanted the scene to be as realistic as possible.

**Real-life romance on set**: After filming intimate scenes together, actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were rumored to have had real-life sexual contact during the filming of the "Fifty Shades" series, although both actors denied these claims.

**Closed sets for sex scenes**: During the filming of sex scenes, productions often operate on a "closed set", where only the essential crew members are present, to minimize distractions and ensure a comfortable environment for the actors.

**Intimacy coordinators**: Some productions employ intimacy coordinators, like Ita O'Brien, who work with actors to choreograph and facilitate sex scenes in a comfortable and respectful manner.

**The importance of consent**: With the rise of #MeToo, the film industry has shifted towards prioritizing consent and respect during the filming of sex scenes, with actors and directors emphasizing the need for clear communication and boundaries.

**Unsimulated sex in "The Brown Bunny"**: In 2003, actors Vincent Gallo and Chloë Sevigny engaged in unsimulated oral sex in the film "The Brown Bunny", which sparked controversy and debate about the boundaries between art and pornography.

**Simulated sex in "Fifty Shades"**: Despite rumors of real-life romance, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson's sex scenes in "Fifty Shades" were simulated, using a combination of body doubles, prosthetics, and clever editing.

**Actors' discomfort**: Many actors, including Hugh Grant and Lizzy Caplan, have spoken about the discomfort and awkwardness of filming sex scenes, particularly when it's their first time doing so.

**SAG-AFTRA guidelines**: The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) has guidelines in place to protect actors during the filming of sex scenes, including requirements for consent, privacy, and safety.

**Real-life relationships on set**: Several actors, including Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish, have started romantic relationships with their co-stars while filming intimate scenes together.

**Choreographing sex scenes**: To ensure a comfortable and respectful environment, many productions hire intimacy coordinators or choreographers to carefully plan and rehearse sex scenes with the actors.

**Body doubles and prosthetics**: To create the illusion of intimacy, body doubles, prosthetics, and special effects are often used to create the illusion of sexual contact, while protecting the actors' privacy and dignity.

**The importance of communication**: Directors and actors emphasize the need for clear communication and respect during the filming of sex scenes, to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for all involved.

**The blurred line between art and reality**: The line between simulated and real-life intimacy can become blurred during filming, as actors often need to access a vulnerable and intimate state to convincingly portray romantic relationships on screen.

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