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"Why is the exporting process with Topaz Video AI so slow and how can I speed it up?"

Topaz Video AI's export speed is influenced by the complexity of the project, video resolution, and system specifications.

Exporting in lower resolutions, such as 1080p, can accelerate the exporting process.

Adjusting settings like bitrate, frame rate, and quality in the "Export Options" menu can balance speed and quality.

Topaz Video AI recommends closing other resource-heavy applications to optimize performance.

Enabling GPU acceleration can improve the rendering process.

Advanced settings in the "Export Options" menu allow for further customization of frame rates, bitrates, and quality.

Third-party software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve, can be used to export rendered video files from Topaz Video AI before further processing.

Topaz Video AI's latest version utilizes GPUs more efficiently for faster processing.

Running two instances of Topaz Video AI and outputting to PNG can speed up the processing time.

Upscaling low-quality videos to 4K 60fps may result in lower-than-expected frame rates due to the increased processing demands.

Topaz Labs recommends sharing your system profile with their support team for personalized assistance with processing time issues.

Adjusting various settings may not significantly reduce processing time, as several factors contribute to the overall processing time.

Topaz Video AI's performance can be impacted by the specific encoding and decoding capabilities of different graphics cards.

The estimated processing time for a video can vary, potentially taking several hours for longer videos.

Topaz Video AI's exporting process can be choppy or stuttering due to a variety of factors, including system specifications, video complexity, and encoding settings.

Older versions of Topaz software, such as version 2.6, may perform better and be more optimized compared to newer versions.

Topaz Video AI is not optimized for low-tier graphics cards, which can result in extended processing times.

The type of encoder used for exporting, such as ProRes, can affect the overall processing time.

Inserting fake frames into someone else's artwork is discouraged, and various factors can impact render time.

Topaz's latest versions may be buggy, impacting overall performance and processing speed.

Upscale any video of any resolution to 4K with AI. (Get started for free)