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"Why is Topaz Video AI struggling to perform well, even with a good setup?"

Topaz Video AI can be resource-intensive, requiring a powerful computer to run smoothly.

It may struggle with high-resolution videos on lower-end systems.

The software's noise reduction capabilities have been reported to sometimes result in a loss of detail in the final output.

Balancing noise reduction and detail preservation can be challenging.

Compatibility issues with certain video formats can occur, causing unexpected behavior or crashes.

The software may not support all codecs or containers.

Playback problems on some devices have been reported, possibly due to differences in hardware acceleration or video decoding capabilities.

Topaz Video AI's performance seems to be optimized for Nvidia GPUs, with some users experiencing better performance on Nvidia hardware compared to AMD.

The Iris model, when used with AMD GPUs, surprisingly runs faster than other models.

This could be due to differences in model architecture or optimization.

The software's stabilization model was rebuilt in Topaz Video AI v3.0, offering improved stability and performance.

The team is currently focusing on faster export speeds and a new stabilization model in Topaz Video AI, aiming to improve overall user experience.

The latest version of Topaz Video AI (v3.2) offers support for upscaling videos to 8k resolution with true details and motion consistency.

Video Enhance AI, a related product, uses machine learning to enlarge videos up to 8k resolution with true details and motion consistency.

Topaz Video AI's performance can be influenced by the version of DirectX, with DirectX12 offering better compatibility and performance.

Users have reported that manually deleting the Topaz Video AI directory and files before reinstalling the software can resolve issues with the application not launching.

Topaz Video AI's requirements for a dedicated GPU with at least 4GB of VRAM can impact performance, particularly for users with lower-end GPUs.

The minimum hardware requirements for Topaz Video AI on Mac include MacOS 10.14 Mojave or 10.15 Catalina, limiting compatibility with older systems.

Upscale any video of any resolution to 4K with AI. (Get started for free)