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Upscaling Videos at Snail's Pace? Topaz AI Needs a Speed Boost

Upscaling Videos at Snail's Pace? Topaz AI Needs a Speed Boost - Too Many Clicks and Dragging for Basic Edits

While Topaz AI's video upscaling technology is impressive, its editing interface leaves much to be desired. Performing basic edits like trimming clips requires an excessive number of clicks and dragging motions that quickly become tedious.

Simply splitting a video into two clips necessitates opening the clip properties, manually entering the split time, clicking "Split Video", then dragging each new clip into position on the timeline. This convoluted process contrasts sharply with the quick split tool found in most standard video editors. Trimming the start or end of a clip is equally cumbersome, requiring the user to drag handles back and forth across the timeline.

Topaz AI lacks the snap-to-playhead feature common in other editors, making precise trimming a exercise in frustration. The absence of keyboard shortcuts for common editing tasks also hampers efficiency. Having to frequently switch between the select tool and other tools like the razor further bogs down the editing process.

While the inclusion of an inspector panel helps streamline accessing clip properties, vital controls like volume are buried in submenus. Adjusting audio levels requires far too many steps compared to simply dragging a volume overlay in other NLEs. The lack of a true multi-track timeline also limits compositing capabilities for those wanting to get creative.

Upscaling Videos at Snail's Pace? Topaz AI Needs a Speed Boost - Waiting Minutes for Each Frame Gets Old Fast

Topaz AI's glacial rendering speeds can test the patience of even the most zen video editor. The software utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to achieve impressive upscaling results. However, this advanced technology comes at the cost of much lengthier processing times compared to traditional interpolation methods.

Users must often wait several minutes for Topaz AI to render each individual frame. A 30 second clip containing 900 frames would require a minimum 15 minutes to complete upscaling. Longer videos are exponentially more time consuming, with an hour of footage taking 8 hours or more to process. During rendering, the app is essentially locked up, preventing any other editing work from being done.

The slow speeds are especially frustrating when tweaking settings like noise reduction and artifacts. After each adjustment, the clip must be fully re-rendered before seeing the updated results. This repetitive cycle of tweak, wait, check, tweak, wait quickly becomes tedious. There is no ability to preview changes in real-time like in other editing programs.

While overnight batch processing helps for longer projects, it is impractical for everyday quick edits. The lack of configurable GPU acceleration options further hampers performance, limiting multi-threading capabilities. Upscaling a simple 5 minute video just to post on social media requires an hour wait rather than the near instant results of competing solutions.

Upscale any video of any resolution to 4K with AI. (Get started for free)

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